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A sales force of thousands promoting your business or service?

Affiliate marketing programs can be highly powerful drivers of acquisitions and sales. However, to scale and grow, affiliate programs must be actively managed by experienced affiliate marketers and given the right resources and attention. Recognizing this, our seasoned, industry-leading team has developed a "best of breed" methodology that delivers the highest ROI and helps ensure affiliate marketing success. Our system begins with proper technology selection, and includes efficient setup, launch, ongoing cultivation, recruitment, and optimization. We work seamlessly with the leading affiliate technology partners (Commission Junction, LinkShare and others) and also utilize our private affiliate technology, the AsSeenOnPC Network, to create customized world-class affiliate marketing programs that deliver high returns on investment to our clients.

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Our full-service affiliate management provides clients with:

  • Customized solutions
    We build and manage innovative and highly effective affiliate programs customized to the needs of our clients, from tracking through reporting.
  • Sophisticated recruiting
    Utilizing our proprietary recruiting tool, we can recruit far beyond "traditional" affiliates to leverage social networks, bloggers, and other individuals with a predisposition to evangelize merchant products and services.
  • Experienced team approach
    A complete team works with every one of our affiliate clients, from recruiting and activation specialists to graphic designers to reporting and measurement gurus.
  • Broad industry experience
    Our affiliate team has extensive experience working with a wide range of companies and industries, including retail/e-commerce, consumer products, software/IT, telecom, business-to-business, healthcare, fashion, and financial service industries.
  • Superior affiliate service
    Comprehensive, personalized support is available to our affiliates seven days a week, creating loyal and attentive partners who are always receptive to our clients' products and services.
  • Cost savings
    Our affiliate marketing services are designed so that all agency, affiliate and technology fees are subsumed within a target cost-per-acquisition once the program scales. Our success is contingent upon driving success to our clients.

Not sure if you're maximizing your affiliate efforts? AsSeenOnPC Network also provides 90 day "Report Card" engagements to help you focus your strategy and jump start your productivity.

Your customized affiliate marketing solution

The AsSeenOnPCNetwork is rapidly being established as a powerful alternative to the "public networks" for those merchants with special requirements.

Our affiliate tracking Platform was designed to provide choices for merchants where a traditional public network platform is not the best fit. We felt there was a need for a solution that could be customized around clients needs, not the other way around. The AsSeenOnPCNetwork is not designed to be "all things to all merchants," but the right customized solution for specific clients.

With a very robust and proven infrastructure, the AsSeenOnPCNetwork provides:

  • Enhanced flexibility for customized tracking
    We can integrate into your existing backend systems for sales and lead tracking, affiliate number assignment, and reporting.
  • Multi-brand affiliate programs
    Our Network gives you the ability to fully leverage synergies and enhance branding by creating clustered affiliate structures for your multiple brands. The Network Platform allows for a common backend for multiple domains, provides a single log in and ease-of-use for affiliates, and recognizes economies of scale, thereby reducing costs, enhancing branding/communication and improving performance.
  • Direct link credit
    Use your own URL, not a complex tracking link, to garner direct link credit for natural search activities
  • Potential to significantly reduce costs as compared to alternative solutions

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Further, our Network Platform has been fully integrated with major superaffiliates so that performance potential is fully realized. Find out more about becoming an advertiser by contacting:
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or by calling (203) 256-9897

Hours of Operation:

  • Mon. to Fri. 9am to 5pm
  • Weekends 9am to 12pm

Our Addresses:

25 Walls Drive Suite 1-C
Fairfield, CT, USA, 06824

225 Apollo Beach Blvd.
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