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Be SMART About Achieving Goals!

By Kelley Robertson, President of the Robertson Training Group and Author of "100 Ways to Increase Your Sales."

A new year has begun, and if you are like most people you'll want to improve your results over last year. Ensure each of your goals follows the SMART concept: specific; motivational; action-oriented; relevant to your situation; and time-bound.

Keyword for the Holidays: Prepare!

By Gus Brito, Affiliate Web Marketing Manager,

The holidays are just around the corner and your site should be fully prepared to service the volume of expected visitors. Traffic and sales increase during the holiday season. Sometimes this season is a flash between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but for others it lasts from October to January. Whatever your traffic pattern, if you want to have a successful holiday season, now is the time to make a plan and review it twice.

CPA Networks: Effective but Proceed with Caution

By J.T. Stephens, Director of Auctions Marketing & Business Development, Auctions

A popular debate among affiliate managers centers on whether or not value is added to affiliate programs by CPA Networks, which are online marketing companies that recruit advertisers from around the Web and pay them to promote different merchant offers.

Link Swapping is Killing Your Website

By Michael Cheney, Author of "The Website Marketing Bible"

I created my first website in 1995. Shortly after it went live I realized that nobody apart from me could see it. It dawned on me that this 'Internet thing' is all about being part of an interconnected network of websites. I needed to start getting connected to other websites.

How to Choose the Affiliate Software That's Right for You

By Peter Koning, Founder of

Online advertising is forecast to grow by 30 percent this year, and the affiliate marketing segment is expected to grow in line with this estimate. Merchants are expected to either add affiliate marketing to their existing online sales channels or upgrade their platforms to expand their existing programs even further.

Entrepreneurs Eye Incorporation

By Karen Lange, The Company Corporation

With layoffs and corporate downsizing filling the news, entrepreneurship is being touted as the new corporate lifestyle. Instead of sending out resumes, laid-off workers are investing in themselves by starting businesses or purchasing franchises.

Never Rest When Trying to Boost Conversions

By Andrew Wetzler, President of MoreVisibility

Search engine marketing and optimization have become important components of most company's online marketing strategies. Proof of this ranges from the high market capitalization of Google to the increased percentage of marketing budgets being directed toward search.

Buddy Up To Google With Content

By Chris Sanderson, Affiliate Manager at AMWSO

There's a war raging between unique content and product lists - at least on Google. And it appears that content is winning the battle. That means affiliates who want to effectively compete on Google need to add new, fresh and targeted content to their site or risk vanishing into a black hole. Of course, every good affiliate wishes they had unique content, but acquiring it isn't easy.

It Pays To Understand Credit Card Discount Rates

By Anna Solomon, President, Fast TransAct

Navigating the complex world of processing fees is not easy for anyone including online merchants. However, if merchants pay keen attention to a handful of key factors and put measures in place to prevent them from happening, they can save thousands of dollars in annual processing fees.

Choosing A Merchant Service Provider

By Anna Solomon, President

Since 2000 there has been an explosion of online purchasing, yet there seems to be a lack of companies that are qualified to guide merchants through the complex process of setting up systems to enable online payments and transactions.

Five Free Website Marketing Tools

By Michael Cheney, Company Founder and Author

I've collected some really cool free products that will help with your website marketing efforts. Enjoy the freebies!

Integrating RSS with Affiliate Marketing: The Next Big Thing?

By J.T. Stephens, Director of Auctions Marketing

It light of the recent changes Google has made to its AdWords program, affiliates are scrambling to find ways to build websites in a search engine-friendly and customer-centric manner.

It's All About The Traffic

By Rick Schwartz, President

You can have the greatest site on the Internet, but if you don't have traffic you don't have anything.

Taking Advantage of Thrifty Post Holiday Shoppers

By Greg Van Horn, Marketing & Business Development

The holiday shopping season has come to a close, but consumers are still shopping.

Solutions for Affiliates and Site Owners with Dynamic Websites

By Joshua Sloan, Director of Online Marketing & Sales

Search engines do matter. Find out how URL rewriting can help you get more pages into the search engines.

Tips on Optimizing Traffic & Sponsors

By Keven Knuhtsen, Marketing & Business Development

It's hard work to build and promote sites and sift through sponsors. The payoff is getting checks in the mail.

Avoiding the "Google Inferno"

By J.T. Stephens, Affiliate Program Manager

As a result of Google's algorithm change, many affiliates awoke to find that their rankings had plummeted into the Google Inferno


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